original title: Nadchodzą zimni ogrodnicy
animated short //19 min 

People have stopped their daily occupations, the lazy revolution escalates and deconstructs the city fiber. Against this backdrop, two figures appear, the King and the Superhero, who – according to tradition – represent the order. When the world is getting out of control, they are both too occupied with their inner lives to fulfil their roles.
director: Urszula Palusińska
co - directors: Maciej Mądracki, Michał Mądracki
script: Maciej Mądracki, Michał Mądracki, Urszula Palusińska
editing: Urszula Palusińska, Maciej Mądracki
sound: Igor Kłaczyński
music: Igor Kłaczyński
voices: Artur Dziurman, Bartłomiej Kotschedoff
production: Urszula Palusińska, MML Studio

Film received Golden Gate Award in New Visions category at 62nd San Francisco International Film Festival / 2019
65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen / 2019
Fest Anca / 2019
18. MFF New Horizons / 2018